Name Paintings

Our Name Painting artists are always a big hit at parties. Guests are fascinated watching such beautiful works of art come to life before their eyes. There are different styles and colors for girls and boys, women and men. We also have an extensive selection of themed backgrounds, including sports and princess designs, among many others. Each Name Painting comes with a matted frame and is wrapped safely in cellophane. Size is 32 by 10 inches. Our Name Paintings also make beautiful gifts, for anyone on any occasion. Please contact us for pricing and availability.

What is Name Painting?

Name Painting is an art form that originated in China. This folk art dates back more than 2,000 years.
Traditionally, Name Painting was used to represent Chinese characters in a person?s name when a gift was needed for special events.
The most popular images in the past for depicting Chinese characters included flowers, birds, dragons, phoenixes, sunsets, mountains, fish, and bamboo.
Today, the art form has advanced, especially in New York City, where there are many Name Painting artists. Their dedication to this craft has led to many more designs, better details, and brighter colors.
The vibrant colors, images, constantly changing nature of Name Painting, and its emphasis on unique expression make it unlike any other kind of artistic creation.

Symbolic Meaning

Butterfly - freedom, Dragon - power, Dolphin - intelligence, Flower - beauty, Heart - love, Dragonfly - skill, Panda - friendship, Rainbow - hope, Lighthouse - strength, Sailboat - leadership, Sunset - romance, Bamboo - lucky, Ladybug - delight, Birds - soul, spirit, Frog - peace, Turtle - long life, Palm Tree - confidence, Fish - prosperity, Sport - playful